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About Jon Urbana

Jon Urbana

Jon Urbana is a business professional in the Denver area, currently serving as Head of Business Development for Ellipse USA, a privately-held IPL and laser systems provider. Formerly a lacrosse player for the Villanova Wildcats, Urbana is also a co-founder of Next Level Lacrosse Camp, one of Colorado's foremost summer training programs for youth lacrosse players.

Urbana is also a pilot, recently certified by the FAA when he was added to their Airmen Certification Database.

A lover of photography and music, Urbana is also an active participant in the local philanthropy scene and has coordinated crowdfunded efforts to help local organizations whose causes he supports.

Next Level Lacrosse Camp

Jon Urbana Founded Next Level Lacrosse in 2011 with Lou Braun. He has gained many recognitions and awards in his career, including making it on the Tewaaraton Award watchlist. He created Next Level Lacrosse Camp to allow himself and other professional players help build skills amongst the players of tomorrow.

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